Scope of work

In addition of provide property valuation services, the company also provides services as follows:

  • Property valuation
  • Machinery and Equipment Evaluation
  • Business valuation
  • Survey and Research & Feasibility Study
  • Real Estate Sales
  • Investment Advisory Jobs
  • Property and management
  • Building inspection

Objectives of property valuation

  • For borrowing and mortgage
  • For buy, sell and rent properties
  • For accounting information
  • For use as capital and determining share value
  • For venture and exchange of share value
  • For use in the case of government expropriation
  • For inheritance and other management

The type of property appraised

  • Land, Residential building, and Various development projects
  • Condominium and Office building
  • Hotel, Resort, Apartment and Mall
  • Industrial factories, warehouses, warehouses and mines
  • Machinery & Equipment in various industrial production
  • Main power plant and renewable energy
  • Transportations such as, vehicle, ship, boat, barge and aircraft
  • Heavy Equipment